“If we want to improve our life we simply have to learn from nature”.

We carefully cultivate and select our plants and flowers to meet the needs of large retailers and the needs of each customer

Why should you choose our plants?

The cultivation method of our company stems from years of experience and valuable collaborations. Each step of production and distribution is accompanied by a real care for the plant. We never forget that we are dealing with living beings.

We grow basil by calling it by name

The potted basil (Ocimum Basilicum, Family Labiateae) strongly desired by the our Grandfather about 30 years ago, is in strong and constant increase: we are market leaders in this cultivation, and we cultivate it following the least invasive techniques and using biological systems to fight pests, weeds and infections. The quality of the product is certainly higher than the market average and the cultivation takes place in a continuous cycle even in winter. The company ranks among the major producers of basil in pots on the Italian market.





Annual aromatic herbaceous

Full sun

During its growth the plant requires frequent watering without exceeding. Stagnation of water can cause asphyxiation and consequent rot. By eliminating the flowers, the plant increases its development and its scent.




Perennial, bulbous, round, leathery leaves, continuous flowering

Better not in direct sun, in shade or half shade.

Avoid wetting the leaves and using cold water. Moisture stagnation favors the development of fungal diseases. Water frequently in bloom, every 2 days, keeping the substrate always humid. Stop watering when the plant goes to rest.




Perennial, Cespitosa, Erect

Lots of light, even full sun

Regular watering, more frequent in the summer. Be careful not to dry out the soil.


Cactaceae, Crassulaceae, Euforbiaceae and Liliaceae

Africa e America


Suitable in general for full sun, however, in the brightest areas of the apartments. Succulents generally also tolerate a certain scarcity of light, but only for short periods.


Succulents also withstand high periods of drought very well, but clearly they live better in conditions of more regular humidity, in general it is recommended to water once a week in summer and every 2-3 weeks in winter.




Perennial shrub, persistent indoor leaf

In the house it should be kept in a very bright position, directly in front of a window, otherwise leaves may fall. The poinsettia is a warm climate plant and therefore can always be kept in the apartment and can only be placed outside in the summer.


The poinsettia does not require much water, as it is almost a succulent. The new varieties require more water so they should be watered once every 7-8 days.




Semi-woody perennial herb, flowery

It can stay in the full sun or in partial shade; indoors keep it in very bright positions

It requires a good water supply. On hot summer days it is necessary to irrigate it daily, be careful not to leave water in the saucer because it causes rottenness



South America

Climbing, vigorous and large flowers

In general it can also be in the direct sun, but it adapts well even in low light conditions. Preferably place in a very bright area in the apartment.

In summer it requires a lot of water, even two or three times a week; in winter it is sufficient once a week.



Canary Islands

Seasonal herb

Very bright positions but preferably not direct sun; fears the strong winds.

It needs a lot of water and during the flowering period the soil must never dry out. Water also every day in the hottest periods.

Daisy in bowl


Canary Islands

Suffruticose, thick and delicate perennial, 1 meter high and wide

Full sun or partial shade

It is advisable to often wet the plant in the period of vegetative restart and flowering, during the winter instead it is watered occasionally.




Deciduous shrub, height up to 4 meters

Expose in a bright area, better if not directly in the sun, which however tolerates very well.

During the winter the plant goes to rest and therefore almost no irrigation is necessary. During the vegetative restart the hydrangea needs a lot of water with watering even daily. In the summer, if the temperatures become torrid, more irrigation is sometimes necessary throughout the day.

Zonal Geranium


South Africa

Sub Shrubby, Branched, Re-flowering Herbaceous

Geranium can also be grown in full sun and in any case requires a remarkable brightness of the environment, usually kept outside in the good season and in a cold greenhouse during the winter, always in very bright conditions.

Requires a lot of water in summer. It does not tolerate stagnation of water, so it is good to make sure of the efficiency of the drainage and not to over-irrigate.



South Africa

Annual herbaceous

Full sun

Nemesia requires a certain constant humidity of the substrate but without water stagnation. Irrigate at least every two or three days in spring and almost every day in summer if temperatures are high.




Perennial with persistent leaf, flowery

It wants a lot of light and bears direct sun well

They need a lot of water, especially in the flowering period and if exposed to direct sun. Chrysanthemum is very sensitive to water shortages and therefore it is good to always keep the soil moist.

Carnation Peman



Perennial, Cespitosa, Erect

Full sun or partial shade.

Regular watering, more frequent in summer. Be careful not to dry out the soil as this can damage it.

Potted strawberries


Asia, Europe

Herbaceous perennial Stolonifera

Full sun. It can also be grown in pots and even in a cold greenhouse to anticipate production.

Irrigate a lot in the summer period avoiding to wet the leaves and the flowers. Localized or drip irrigation is very suitable for this plant; irrigate avoiding water stagnation which can damage the seedlings.

The Pastor family company was born in 1957 in a small village in the Imperia Province. In the mid-70s the company moved to Albenga, being a more favorable area for the flowers production.

To date we operate on about 8 offices, for a total of 11 hectares of surface, we count 35 collaborators in addition to the family members. We have always been a family business and this is certainly one of our strengths. The passion for cultivation has been handed down for 3 generations.



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